On procrastination

23/01/2018: Five ways to productive proctastination. Because whether you are actively contributing to the human society depends solely on what you call it.

Have you ever had a period of time, which was a clear opportunity to achieve something and blew it? I am currently going through one like that and so far, all I have done entailed climbing the ladder in League of Legends. I mean, getting out of bronze is an enormous achievement, but being Silver is still pretty rubbish. So yeah, I am kinda blowing it, because writing my Bachelor dissertation should be a number one priority right now. And League is not the only method of procrastination I know. So here are few tips on the most productive ways to waste your time, based on my judgement.

Watch national news of country you are currently not in on the TV. I watch Czech Television channel CT24, which provides interesting insights about what’s going on at home. It makes me up-to-date, but really, do I need this information\? Kinda. But reading about it would be far more efficient.

Scroll through endless memes on 9GAG or any other meme website, for that matter. Though 9Gag is the best, has awesome community of nice people with jerks being in minority. Memes are the best source of funny pictures, bad jokes, stupidly fascinating information and other things your brain will feast on! So go fun yourself!

On-line window shopping I personally call this market monitoring. Just to sound smart. While it may be useful to do for some sectors such as IT (Awesomely organized catalogue), where the trends change insanely quickly, looking over unofficial merch on AliExpress and other websites with tons of generic products is a true waste of time.

File organization If you want to do something that seems useless to most, but turns out to save you a lot of time in the productive periods of your life, go through your personal files and clean your computer. Start with using CCleaner, then open the Downloads folder, take stuff you need and delete the rest. Then go through installed applications and remove everything you don’t need and does not look important.

Housework: I washed my clothes, almost fixed my jacket pockets, am about to hoover and take all the bins I have access to out. Not for a drink, obviously. Other actions may include sealing the showers, going through things you don’t need and swiping the dust. But kitchen should receive the most attention here, because if you live in a house like me, it needs it.And that is just the top five. And I wrote it, because I needed to give my brain fresh start.