About Mattved, Matěj Adámek

Hey, I’m Matt. Matěj Adámek in full. Online, I present myself as Mattved, which is a wordplay on my name and the Czech term for my spirit animal, the bear (medvěd). I am a data analyst by profession, economist by education, behavioral psychologist by book collection, cancer survivor since 23, and mentor to a good few.
And this is my blog, where I share my thoughts on daily struggless, books, and wonderful opportunities. Feel free to explore the fringe of my mind or browse to My Views section for a more general context. Note that I also acknowledge those who have inspired me in My Squad.
The following list outlines the various dimensions of my personality and skillset. Enriching it are links to factual evidence and personal reflections. You might also care for my CV, which you can download here in Czech or English


I hold a first-class honours BSc degree in Economics from University of Plymouth, where I gained insight into the highly abstract science. My particular interest within the field is economic convergence and spatial economics. You can have a look at my academic portfolio or PDP journal/a>.

Mathematical models are key for understanding economic concepts. That is why I use Geogebra to make them move and help others learn them in my PALS sessions.

Data Scientist

I have intermediate capability working with R and Python, which enables me create supporting evidence for the right decisions. My publicly available projects can be found at Rpubs. I integrate this knowledge with BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Cluvio as well as Relational Database Management Systems including Oracle, CouchDB, Redshift, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and Microsoft SQL Server.


I work as a Business IT Analyst with AutoESA, a certified reseller of used car with 11 dealerships nationally. Previously, I spent three years in Ahold Czech Republic, providing technical and analytic support to NFR procurement department. Although I am quite busy at the moment, feel free to message me on LinkedIn.

Hobbyist Photographer and Urban Explorer

When the time comes for a trip or walk with a friend, I tend to choose urban areas, especially those with great views or odd buildings. These, I like to take pictures of, capturing the ruggedness of human-altered living environment and its contrast to natural landscape. Like pictures? Check out my Flickr!


My primary cause is to help others think critically and accept responsibility for their actions. And although I might be a nerd but I still have friends due to my empathy and ability to provide support on both emotional and practical dimension. If you wanna talk, get in touch on Facebook.


I also like to play PC games sometimes, especially League of Legends. I am currently in Silver III, maining AP supports like Nami, Sona, Lux, and Lulu. Check me out at OP.GG or Steam!


Nerdfighters are followers of vlogbrothers, Hank and John Green. They define it as a term for someone who creates awesome and reduces worldsuck and state that whoever wants to be a nerdfighter already is one. Thanks to them, I started to blog from time to time.

Manga Fan

Watching Japanese animated series was my favorite method of procrastination in high school. Nowadays, I learn drawing