Mattved's Squad

Those who know me

Michal Vinárek is my closest friend, a skilled corporate-grade programmer with ages of experience and patience of a chameleon.

Libor Adámek is my dad, who did most things right. He is a sports and portrait photographer, chef, electrician, and the leader in a computer software business. True homme d'renaissance.

Jan Grünwald continues to fascinate me by being obsessed with bird photography while also fronting a rock band.

Aster Merveilleux is a really talented artist form an island far away, who came to be my friend in times of difficulty and helped me realize that no matter what, things get sorted out one way or another. Last but not least

Those that don’t

John Green made me grow up into a true and individual through his books and vlogs shows while his brother Hank Green directed me into appreciating the odd and great about knowledge by being the star of on-line video. CGP Gray

taught me how to teach through explanations of the ambiguous and relevant. From the music industry, Alanis Morisette still drives me to differ and stay proud, while Coldplay introduced me to the concept of adult-ish feelings. Jaromir Nohavica then demonstrated how we all waver between humor and contemplation and Divokej Bill have always reminded me of home.