Mattved's Views


Myers-Briggs personality test tells me I’m an INFJ. An introvert with need for social interaction apt to abstract thinking rather diligent in completing my tasks and holding up to an established routine. Although I am a night owl with flexible daily schedule, my body clock adjusts easily, rendering be to be able to focus on my responsibilities.

Mattved's MBTI breakdown

In a company of people, I am altruistic and attentive, reading between the lines and observing non-verbal aspects of others. Among extroverts, I usually remain silent, however don’t hesitate to talk while having something to say to the point. I have a biting sense of humor and can be critical at times, which is however outweighed by my ability to appreciate effort.

Regarding my self-interest, I tend to struggle representing my own desires, rather focusing on satisfying people around me, which makes me prone to abuse from sociopaths and self-important people. Yet, whenever there is something I want to achieve, acting through doing instead of talking is my way to go

Political alignment

Based on the results of the political compass test, I stratify as a social democrat, which does to some extent represent my world-view and general opinions. I align towards a regulated economy but can’t stress enough that regulations must be of lowest magnitude possible. Preserving both household and business welfare close to natural levels.

Mattved's political compass assessment result

Economic alignment

From Economic perspective, I am an orthodox dissenter relatively close to the new Keynesian school of economics. This means that I don’t believe in the axiom that markets clear on their own. My opinion is that some dead weight loss caused by government interventions is outweighed by their social effects.